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Humans of SCinet: Q&A with SC20 Wireless Volunteer Carlos Rojas-Torres

humans of scinet

carlos rojas-torresCarlos Rojas-Torres, network engineer at the National Center for Atmospheric Research (UCAR), is this year’s co-chair of the SCinet wireless team. Carlos also holds cross-appointments with the University Corporation for Atmospheric Research and Front Range GigaPop. His SCinet volunteer experience started back in 2012 and includes past participation across four technical teams.


  • Years as a SCinet Volunteer: 6 years in total (2012, 2013, 2017, 2018, 2019, and 2020)
  • SCinet Team(s) with which you’ve participated: Fiber, Wide Area Network, Edge, and Wireless
  • Which superhero power would you possess? Flight

How would you explain SCinet and what you do as a SCinet volunteer to a family member or friend?

We are a group of volunteers from around the world in charge of planning and building the fastest network in the world for the SC conference. It’s also where the newest and most exciting network technologies are going to be on display.


What was your path to start volunteering with SCinet? What keeps you coming back as a SCinet volunteer each year?

I was first invited to participate in 2012, where I joined the fiber team under the leadership of Lance Hutchinson and Annette Kitajima from Sandia National Laboratories. I was hooked right away! Coming back is a no-brainer; the learning experience, the exposure to the newest and latest technologies, and the friendships that develop over time make SCinet a really unique and valuable experience.


Tell us about your SCinet team this year and what you are responsible for.

I am co-chair of the wireless team with Loren Adams from Georgia State University. Our team is responsible for the wireless network for the SC conference, and provides connectivity for conference workshops and tutorials, conference committee rooms, the exhibit floor, hallways and other public spaces. As a team lead, my main responsibilities are to co-manage a diverse team of talented volunteers, each with their own areas of expertise, and to ensure a safe and rewarding experience for everyone involved.


We’re all seeing and feeling the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on our world. How are you keeping your team engaged in the planning process for SC20?

The truth is, keeping the team engaged is not a hard task; the sense of belonging, responsibility and affinity is what is keeping the team moving forward. We know we are part of something very special, and we have the opportunity to contribute to the SC conference in 2020 and beyond. That being said, as a team lead it’s important to facilitate open, honest, and inclusive communications with our team. We are offering virtual opportunities for our team members to volunteer this year because we don’t want anyone to feel excluded from participation.


In addition to volunteering with SCinet, what do you do for fun?

I love spending time with my family, hiking, biking, playing racquetball, snowboarding, and when possible, traveling to new places.

Learn more about SCinet at SC.


Sara Aly, SC20 Communications, SCinet Liaison

Sara Aly is a communications manager at Internet2. This is her third year volunteering with the SCinet communications team.

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