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The Student Cluster Competition “Roller Coaster”

First-time participant Manuel Burger, of ETH Zurich, presents his “roller coaster” experience as a team member in the Student Cluster Competition at SC19.

 Being an IT connoisseur isn’t all it takes to succeed in this venture.” — Manuel Burger


Inspired by Manuel’s story? Student Cluster Competition applications open February 10, 2020. Be sure to check out all the excellent opportunities for students at Students@SC

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Christine Baissac-Hayden
SC20 Students@SC Communications Liaison (Easy English 4 All)

Christine Baissac-Hayden created Easy English 4 All, which provides multilingual communication tools for clients from diverse backgrounds in the renewable energy, medical, defense, marine science, and film industries. Easy English 4 All provides English as a Second Language (ESL), French, Spanish and Japanese tutoring from certified native-speaking teachers and organizes international student exchanges with personalized objectives and goals.


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