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SCinet: SCinet XNet Presentations
Event TypeSCinet
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TimeFriday, 13 November 202010am - 2:30pm EDT
LocationTrack 13
10:00am - 10:09am EDTSCinet Chair – Welcome to SC20
10:09am - 10:10am EDTXNet Team Bio Slides
10:10am - 10:13am EDTNRE Team Bio Slides
10:13am - 10:15am EDTINDIS Team Bio Slides
10:15am - 10:20am EDTIntroductions
10:20am - 10:31am EDTSC20 XNet Overview
10:31am - 10:46am EDTFuture of CI and the Role of XNet
10:46am - 11:11am EDTSAGE: AI at the Edge for Software-Defined Wireless Sensors
11:11am - 11:36am EDTBridges IRNC (INDIS Deep Dive)
11:36am - 12:01pm EDTFABRIC/FAB (INDIS Deep Dive)
12:01pm - 12:08pm EDTXNet Panel with Q&A
12:08pm - 12:13pm EDTBreak
12:13pm - 12:40pm EDTESnet6 High Touch Services
12:40pm - 1:05pm EDTQuantum Networks and the Role of Classical Networks
1:05pm - 1:30pm EDTSCinet DTNaaS Developments
1:30pm - 1:50pm EDTPolicy Auditing in Data Exchange Systems
1:50pm - 2:10pm EDTThe Global Network Advancement Group: Toward a Next Generation Cyber-System for Data Intensive Science Communities
2:10pm - 2:25pm EDTXNet Futures Q&A and Closing
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