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TimeThursday, 19 November 20208:30am - 5pm EDT
LocationPoster Module
Accelerating GMRES with Deep Learning in Real-Time
Fast Scalable Implicit Solver with Convergence of Physics-Based Simulation and Data-Driven Learning: Toward High-Fidelity Simulation with Digital Twin City
StreamBrain: An HPC DSL for Brain-Like Neural Networks on Heterogeneous Systems
Material Interface Reconstruction Using Machine Learning
Achieving the Performance of Global Adaptive Routing Using Local Information on Dragonfly through Deep Learning
State of I/O in HPC 2020
Towards Optimizing Memory Mapping of Persistent Memory in UMap
A Simulation Study of Hardware Parameters for GPU-based HPC Platforms
Semantic Search for Self-Describing Scientific Data Formats
The Arithmetic Intensity of High-Order Discontinuous Galerkin Methods for Hyperbolic Systems
SaddlebagX: High Performance Data Processing with PGAS and UPC++
Evaluation of Tsunami Inundation Simulation using Vector-Scalar Hybrid MPI on SX-Aurora TSUBASA
Evaluation of Power Controls and Counters on General-Purpose Graphics Processing Units
Characterizing and Approximating I/O Behavior of HDF5 Applications
Optimization of Tensor-Product Operations in Nekbone on GPUs
AI Meets HPC: Learning the Cell Motion in Biofluids
XPSI: X-ray Free Electron Laser-Based Protein Structure Identifier
Distributed BERT Pre-Training And Fine-Tuning with Intel-Optimized TensorFlow On Intel Xeon Scalable Processors
Quantifying the Overheads of the Modern Linux I/O Stack
SynChrono: An MPI-Based, Scalable Physics-Based Simulation Framework for Autonomous Vehicles Operating in Off-Road Conditions
Integrating FPGAs in a Heterogeneous and Portable Parallel Programming Model
Quantum Circuit Optimization with SPIRAL: A First Look
MiniVite + Metall: A Case Study of Accelerating Graph Analytics Using Persistent Memory Allocator
xBGAS: An Address Space Extension for Scalable High-Performance Computing
Scalable Comparative Visualization of Ensembles of Call Graphs Using CallFlow
Parallel Implementation of a Hybrid Particle-Continuum Finite Element Framework for Blood Clot Biomechanics
Resource-Efficient FPGA Pseudorandom Number Generation
DaLI: A Data Lifecycle Instrument Toward the Reproducibility of Scientific Research
Understanding I/O behavior of Scientific Deep Learning Applications in HPC systems
DFS on a Diet: Enabling Reduction Schemes on Distributed File Systems
Analyzing Interconnect Congestion on a Production Dragonfly-Based System
TaskWorks: A Task Engine for Empowering Asynchronous Operations in HPC Applications
Modest Scale HPC on Azure Using CGYRO
Evaluating Adaptive Routing Performance on Large-Scale Megafly Topology
Orchestration of a Forecasting Chain for Forest Fire Prevention Using the LEXIS Cloud/HPC Platform
Machine Learning for Data Transfer Anomaly Detection
Analysis of FastEddy Model Data on GPUs
A Workflow Hierarchy-Aware Fault Tolerance System
Long-Time Simulation of Temperature-Varying Conformations of COVID-19 Spike Glycoprotein on IBM Supercomputers
A Hybrid Approach to Scientific Software Package Management on an HPC Cluster
Enabling Faster NGS Analysis on Optane-Based Heterogeneous Memory
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