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Workshop: Urgent HPC: HPC for Urgent Decision Making
Event TypeWorkshop
Scientific Computing
State of the Practice
Technology Challenge
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TimeFriday, 13 November 20202:30pm - 6:30pm EDT
LocationTrack 10
2:30pm - 2:31pm EDTUrgent HPC – Introduction: HPC for Urgent Decision Making
2:31pm - 2:40pm EDTUrgent HPC – Introduction and Welcome
2:40pm - 3:15pm EDTKeynote: Urgent high performance computing for real-time pandemic response and decision making
3:15pm - 3:25pm EDTUrgent HPC – Break
3:25pm - 3:50pm EDTRapid Processing of Astronomical Data for the Dark Energy Spectroscopic Instrument
3:50pm - 4:15pm EDTA Bespoke Workflow Management System for Data-Driven Urgent HPC
4:15pm - 4:40pm EDTFast Tsunami Simulations for a Real-Time Emergency Response Flow
4:40pm - 5:05pm EDTBenchmarking Micro-Core Architectures for Detecting Disasters at the Edge
5:05pm - 5:15pm EDTUrgent HPC – Break
5:15pm - 5:20pm EDTVESTEC - Visual Exploration and Sampling Toolkit for Extreme Computing
5:20pm - 5:25pm EDTStudies of Leveraging HPC for Workloads with Real-Time Time Constraints
5:25pm - 5:30pm EDTIntegrated Micro-Scale Modeling and Urban Environment Service Cyberinfrastructure for Smart Cities
5:30pm - 5:35pm EDTUrgent Data Analysis: Tracking Tornados in Real Time
5:35pm - 5:40pm EDTUrgent Supercomputing of Earthquakes in the ChEESE Project
5:40pm - 5:45pm EDTEarthquake Early Warning (EEW) System: A Case for Urgent Analytics across the Computing Continuum
5:45pm - 5:50pm EDTSciStream: Architecture and Toolkit for Data Streaming between Federated Science Instruments
5:50pm - 5:55pm EDTA Parallel Job Scheduling Method to Effectively Use Shared Heterogeneous Systems for Urgent Computations
5:55pm - 6:00pm EDTComputer Aided Diagnostic Tools for COVID-19 Detection via X-Ray Imaging
6:00pm - 6:05pm EDTThe LEXIS Project: A Federated HPC, Cloud, and Big Data Infrastructure with Urgent and Real-Time Pilot Workflows
6:05pm - 6:10pm EDTGlobus Services for Data-Intensive Experimental Research Automation
6:10pm - 6:25pm EDTUrgent HPC – Lightning Talk Q&A
6:25pm - 6:30pm EDTUrgent HPC – Summary and Wrapup
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