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Workshop: P3HPC: 3rd International Workshop on Performance Portability and Productivity
Event TypeWorkshop
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TimeFriday, 13 November 202010am - 6:35pm EDT
LocationTrack 2
10:00am - 10:10am EDTP3HPC – Introduction: 3rd International Workshop on Performance Portability and Productivity
10:10am - 11:10am EDTP3HPC – Keynote: Andrew Siegel
11:10am - 11:40am EDTTracking Performance Portability on the Yellow Brick Road to Exascale
11:40am - 12:10pm EDTPerformance Portability of Molecular Docking Miniapp on Leadership Computing Platforms
12:10pm - 12:40pm EDTP3HPC – Break
12:40pm - 12:55pm EDTP3HPC – Forum Recap
12:55pm - 1:30pm EDTOpenMP State of The Standard by Tom Scogland
1:30pm - 2:00pm EDTInterpreting and Visualizing Performance Portability Metrics
2:00pm - 2:30pm EDTP3HPC – Break
2:30pm - 3:10pm EDTFindings from the ECP Performance Portability Panel Series
3:10pm - 3:40pm EDTMini-Panel with ECP Representatives
3:40pm - 4:55pm EDTPanel: Trends that Make Performance, Portability, and Productivity Either More Challenging or Tractable
4:55pm - 5:25pm EDTP3HPC – Break
5:25pm - 5:55pm EDTCross-Platform Performance Portability of DNN Models Using SYCL
5:55pm - 6:25pm EDTEvaluating the Performance and Portability of Contemporary SYCL Implementations
6:25pm - 6:35pm EDTP3HPC – Wrapup
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