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For Students and Post-Docs

Full details for the virtual job fair are in the works – stay tuned!

The Students@SC program hosts a virtual job fair open to all students and post-docs attending SC, giving them an opportunity to connect with potential employers.

Participating employers include research labs, academic institutions, recruiting agencies, and private industry representatives who meet with students to discuss graduate fellowships, internships, summer jobs, co-op opportunities, graduate student positions, and permanent employment.

Résumés submitted by students will be provided to organizations participating in the job fair. Students should also bring copies of their résumés to the event.

Résumé Guidelines

Typically, students and post-docs seeking to facilitate connections with participating organizations submit up-to-date résumés before the conference. Students and post-docs registered for SC will receive instructions on how to submit their résumés via email.

Consider the following guidelines while preparing your résumé:


  • Include your contact information, objective, and career summary
  • Make it simple, balanced, and well-organized
  • Space sections so that they are easy to distinguish
  • Be consistent in style, font, spacing, and indentation
  • Quantify accomplishments when you can
  • Use action verbs to describe your activities and accomplishments
  • Bring printed copies of your résumé to the job fair for networking


  • Use multiple fonts, underlining, boldface, or italic type
  • Abbreviate
  • Use passive statements
  • Include generic interests unrelated to the job you are seeking
  • State, “References available upon request” – that will be assumed


Many websites offer free advice on creating résumés. Below are three resources that may be useful:

Recruit in the Job Fair

Full details for the virtual job fair are in the works – stay tuned!

The Job Fair offers an excellent opportunity for recruiting top talent. Participating organizations can connect with students in fields related to computer science, information systems, scientific computing, and high performance computing.

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