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The International Conference for High Performance Computing, Networking, Storage, and Analysis

Cross-Facility Science with the Superfacility Project at LBNL

Workshop:XLOOP 2020: 2nd Annual Workshop on Extreme-Scale Experiment-in-the-Loop-Computing

Authors: Bjoern Enders, Deborah J. Bard, Cory Snavely, Lisa Gerhardt, Jason Lee, Becci Totzke, Katie Antypas, Sure Byna, Ravi Cheema, Shreyas Cholia, Mark R. Day, Aditi Gaur, Annette Greiner, Taylor Groves, Miriam Kiran, Quincey Koziol, Kelly L. Rowland, Chris Samuel, Ashwin Selvarajan, Alex Sim, David Skinner, Rollin C. Thomas, and Gabor Torok (Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory)

Abstract: As data sets from DOE user science facilities grow in both size and complexity, there is an urgent need for new capabilities to transfer, analyze and manage the data underlying scientific discoveries. LBNL's Superfacility project brings together experimental and observational research instruments with computational and network facilities at NERSC and ESnet with the goal of enabling user science. Here, we report on recent innovations in the Superfacility project, including advanced data management, API-based automation, real-time interactive user interfaces and supported infrastructure for “edge” services.

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