SC20 Proceedings

The International Conference for High Performance Computing, Networking, Storage, and Analysis

HPC Software Tracking Strategies for a Diverse Workload

Workshop:HUST-20: 7th International Workshop on HPC User Support Tools

Authors: Heechang Na, Zhi-Qiang You, Troy Baer, Shameema Oottikkal, Trey Dockendorf, and Scott Brozell (Ohio Supercomputer Center)

Abstract: This paper discusses and reviews various tools that the Extreme Supercomputer Facility (ESF) uses for tracking high-performance computing (HPC) software usage. Tracking software usage is a key element in supporting a diverse user community. ESF maintains three data pools: batch job database, data from user executions and license server logs. We utilize various tools and databases to collect, store and analyze software usage data. These include pbsacct, Spark, XALT, LMOD, Splunk, License Log, Ganglia and Prometheus/Grafana. We discuss the coverage and gaps for each pool and present some use cases.


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