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Integrating Inter-Node Communication with a Resilient Asynchronous Many-Task Runtime System

Workshop:ExaMPI: Workshop on Exascale MPI

Authors: Sri Raj Paul, Akihiro Hayashi, Matthew Whitlock, and Seonmyeong Bak (Georgia Institute of Technology); Keita Teranishi and Jackson Mayo (Sandia National Laboratories); and Max Grossman and Vivek Sarkar (Georgia Institute of Technology)

Abstract: Achieving fault tolerance is one of the significant challenges of exascale computing due to projected increases in soft/transient failures. While past work on software-based resilience techniques typically focused on traditional bulk-synchronous parallel programming models, we believe that Asynchronous Many-Task (AMT) programming models are better suited to enabling resiliency since they provide explicit abstractions of data and tasks which contribute to increased asynchrony and latency tolerance. In this paper, we extend our past work on enabling application-level resilience in single node AMT programs by integrating the capability to perform asynchronous MPI communication, thereby enabling resiliency across multiple nodes. We also enable resilience against fail-stop errors where our runtime will manage all re-execution of tasks and communication without user intervention.

Our results show that we are able to add communication operations to resilient programs with low overhead, by offloading communication to dedicated communication workers and also recover from fail-stop errors transparently, thereby enhancing productivity.

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