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The Template Task Graph (TTG) --- an Emerging Practical Dataflow Programming Paradigm for Scientific Simulation at Extreme Scale

Workshop:ESPM2 2020: Fifth International Workshop on Extreme Scale Programming Models and Middleware

Authors: George Bosilca (University of Tennessee), Robert J. Harrison (Stony Brook University), Thomas Herault (University of Tennessee), Mohammad M. Javanmard and Poornima Nookala (Stony Brook University), and Edward F. Valeev (Virginia Tech)

Abstract: We describe TESSE, an emerging general-purpose, open-source software ecosystem that attacks the twin challenges of programmer productivity and portable performance for advanced scientific applications on modern high-performance computers. TESSE builds upon and extends the parsec DAG/dataflow runtime with a new Domain Specific Languages (DSL) and new integration capabilities. Motivating this work is our belief that such a dataflow model, perhaps with applications composed in domain specific languages, can overcome many of the challenges faced by a wide variety of irregular applications that are poorly served by current programming and execution models. Two such applications from many-body physics and applied mathematics are briefly explored.

This paper focuses upon the Template Task Graph (TTG), which is TESSE's main C++ API that provides a powerful work/data-flow programming model. Algorithms on spatial trees, block-sparse tensors, and wave fronts are used to illustrate the API and associated concepts, as well as to compare with related approaches.

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