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HUST-20 – Introduction: 7th International Workshop on HPC User Support Tools

Workshop:HUST-20: 7th International Workshop on HPC User Support Tools

Authors: R. Christopher Bording (University of Western Australia), Elsa Gonsiorowski (Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory), and Karen Tomko (Ohio Supercomputer Center)

Abstract: Supercomputing centers exist to drive scientific discovery by supporting researchers in computational science fields. To improve the productivity of the user and the usability of systems in an environment as complex as a typical HPC center, they employ specialized support teams and individuals. The broad support effort includes basic system administration, managing hundreds of petabytes of data with complex hierarchal data-storage systems, supporting high-performance networks, consulting on advanced math libraries, code optimization and managing complex HPC software stacks. Often, HPC teams struggle to adequately support the hundreds or even thousands of scientists that are users in these environments; the circumstances can be extremely demanding.


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