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The International Conference for High Performance Computing, Networking, Storage, and Analysis

Parallel Implementation of a Hybrid Particle-Continuum Finite Element Framework for Blood Clot Biomechanics

Authors: Chayut Teeraratkul and Debanjan Mukherjee (University of Colorado)

Abstract: Pathological blood clotting is the primary cause of major cardiovascular diseases. Here we present a distributed-memory parallelized implementation of a hybrid particle-continuum fictitious domain finite element framework which is used to study flow and transport around a pathologically formed blood clot (thrombus). Understanding how clot shape and microstructure affect transport of proteins and drugs is essential for treatment of such diseases. Our particle-continuum approach represents a clot as an aggregate of discrete particles. The particle aggregate is projected onto a background fluid grid as fictitious domain data, and communicated in accordance with mesh partitions across the distributed memory processes. We have illustrated details of the parallel implementation using a parametric study of 2D transient hemodynamics, and a 3D mesh-refinement study.

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