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The International Conference for High Performance Computing, Networking, Storage, and Analysis

Evaluating Adaptive Routing Performance on Large-Scale Megafly Topology

Authors: Md Nahid Newaz and Md Atiqul Mollah (Oakland University), Peyman Faizian (Florida State University), and Zhou Tong (Wheaton College)

Abstract: The Megafly topology has recently been proposed as an efficient, hierarchical way to interconnect large-scale high-performance computing systems. Megafly networks may be constructed in various group sizes and configurations, but it is challenging to maintain high throughput performance on all such variants. A robust topology-specific adaptive routing scheme, therefore, is needed to utilize the topological advantages of Megafly. Currently, Progressive Adaptive Routing (PAR) is the best known routing scheme for Megafly networks, but its performance is not fully known across all scales and configurations. In this research poster, with the use of trace-driven simulation experiments, we show that the current PAR scheme performs sub-optimally on Megafly networks with a large number of groups. As better alternatives, we propose two new practical adaptive routing schemes, KAPR and KU-GCN, that can improve the communication performance of Megafly at any scale and configuration.

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