SC20 Proceedings

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  1. Anchor: Diskless Cluster Provisioning Using Container Tools. Joseph M. Voss (Oak Ridge National Laboratory)

  2. Containerization on Petascale HPC Clusters. Amit Ruhela, Matthew Vaughn, Stephen Harrell, Gregory Zynda, John Fonner, Richard Todd Evans, and Tommy Minyard (Texas Advanced Computing Center (TACC), University of Texas)

  3. Continuous Regression Testing of the Sustained Petascale Blue Waters Infrastructure. Galen W. Arnold, Gregory H. Bauer, Brett Bode, Timothy A. Bouvet, and Celso L. Mendes (University of Illinois, National Center for Supercomputing Applications (NCSA))

  4. Current and Future Converged Cloud-HPC Workflows at LLNL. Daniel J. Milroy, Stephen Herbein, and Dong H. Ahn (Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory)

  5. Demystifying the Dark Arts of HPC: Introducing Biomedical Researchers to Supercomputers. Andrea Townsend-Nicholson, David Gregory, and Art Hoti (University College London (UCL), Division of Biosciences); Cristin Merritt and Stu Franks (Alces Flight Limited); Andrew Narracott (University of Sheffield; Department of Infection, Immunity and Cardiovascular Disease); Guillaume Hautbergue (University of Sheffield, Department of Neuroscience); Marcellus Augustine (University College London (UCL), University College London (UCL) Medical School); and Abdullah Ahmad, Joshua Palmer, Ailsa Jones, and Aaisha Sair (University of Sheffield, Medical School)

  6. Deploying Checkpoint/Restart for Production Workloads at NERSC. Zhengji Zhao and Rebecca Hartman-Baker (National Energy Research Scientific Computing Center (NERSC)) and Gene Cooperman (Northeastern University, Khoury College of Computer Sciences)

  7. Extending an Open-Source Federated Identity Management System for Enhanced HPC Security. Jennifer Buchmüller, Simon Raffeiner, Michael Simon, Holger Obermaier, Peter Weisbrod, Ulrich Weiß, and Martin Nußbaumer (Karlsruhe Institute of Technology)

  8. A Hybrid Approach to Scientific Software Package Management on an HPC Cluster. Qiyang Hu and Shao-Ching Huang (University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA))

  9. Interactivity, Engagement and Community Building in Online HPC Education and Training. Julia Mullen (Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)), Weronika Filinger (Edinburgh Parallel Computing Centre (EPCC)), Ann Backhaus (Pawsey Supercomputing Center), and Mozhgan K. Chimeh (Nvidia Corporation)

  10. Lessons Learned from Massively Parallel Model of Ventilator Splitting. Mike Kaplan, Charles Kneifel, Victor Orlikowski, James Dorff, and Mike Newton (Duke University); Andy Howard (Microsoft Corporation); and Don Shin, Muath Bishawi, Simbarashe Chidyagwai, Peter Balogh, Simbarashe Chidyagwai, and Amanda Randles (Duke University)

  11. Northeast Cyberteam: Methods, Results and Expansion via the Cyberteam Portal. John Goodhue and Julie Ma (Massachusetts Green High Performance Computing Center); Adrian Del Maestro (University of Tennessee, Knoxville); Sia Najafi (Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI)); Bruce Segee (University of Maine); Scott Valcourt (Northeastern University, University of New Hampshire); and Ralph Zottola (University of Alabama, Birmingham)

  12. Rapid Re-Purposing: How the Foresight to Replicate Their HPC Cluster in the Cloud Fueled the University of Liverpool’s COVID-19 Research. Yalin Zheng, Joshua Bridge, and Yanda Meng (University of Liverpool, Department for Eye and Vision Science); Cliff Addison and Manhui Wang (University of Liverpool, Advanced Research Computing); Cristin Merritt and Stu Franks (Alces Flight Limited); and Maria Mackey and Steve Messenger (Amazon Web Services)

  13. Scalable Data Management for National Facilities Using the Modern Research Data Portal. Vas Vasiliadis and Rachana Ananthakrishnan (University of Chicago)

  14. The Superfacility Project: Automated Pipelines for Experiments and HPC. Deborah Bard (National Energy Research Scientific Computing Center (NERSC), Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory)

  15. Toward a Seamless Transition to Virtual Teams. Mahantesh Halappanavar and Katherine Wolf (Pacific Northwest National Laboratory) and Elaine Raybourn (Sandia National Laboratories)

  16. Visual Data Management at NERSC. Lisa Gerhardt and Annette Greiner (Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, National Energy Research Scientific Computing Center (NERSC)); Harrison Horton (University of Saint Mary); and Zelong Li (Iowa State University)

  17. Why We Need Strategies for Working Remotely: the Exascale Computing Project (ECP) Panel Series. Elaine M. Raybourn (Sandia National Laboratories)

  18. Working Remotely: Onboarding and Mentoring. Rajesh Sankaran (Argonne National Laboratory (ANL), Northwestern University)

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