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The International Conference for High Performance Computing, Networking, Storage, and Analysis

DYAMOND++: A High Resolution Climate Model Setup

Authors: Niklas Röber, Michael Böttinger, and Florian Ziemen (German Climate Computing Center); Monika Esch, Cathy Hohenegger, Rene Redler, and Bjorn Stevens (Max Planck Institute for Meteorology); Thorsten Mauritsen (Stockholm University); Michael Migliore (Kitware Inc); and Carson Brownlee, Johannes Günther, Greg Johnson, and Jim Jeffers (Intel Corporation)

Abstract: Climate simulations clearly belong with the most data intensive scientific disciplines. The output generated by current models is increasing in size, as well as complexity. DYAMOND++ is a project using the globally coupled Earth system model ICON-ESM that permits global simulations at a resolution of 5km to study a wide range of Earth's weather and climate phenomena. The visualization of these large data sets is not trivial, and large, high resolution display surfaces, such as 4k screens and planetarium domes, are very suitable to convey the complex information within.

This short film describes the development of DYAMOND++, from low resolution climate models in the past, to high resolution regional setups to study clouds and cloud building processes in greater detail. We interviewed some of the scientific minds behind the DYAMOND++ project, and show visualization examples of their work. The visualizations are produced using ParaView and Intel's OSPRay raytracing backend.

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