SC20 Proceedings

The International Conference for High Performance Computing, Networking, Storage, and Analysis

Impactful Visualizations

Authors: Brad Carvey (Sandia National Laboratories, DrumFire) and Chris Garasi and Mark Bolstad (Sandia National Laboratories)

Abstract: My simple animation of an aluminum ball hitting an aluminum block was accepted into the first SC showcase. Over time the importance of creating "Polished" videos has prompted a new category, "Explanatory". Creating impactful scientific animations can appeal to a broad audience.

Typically, teams of scientists and artists spend months creating polished visualizations. New technology and techniques allow a single scientist to create polished visualizations that rival those done by teams and in less time.

The video shows examples of how typical visualizations, created with applications like Paraview and Visit, can be rendered to appeal with new tools to create polish and impactful visualizations.

Video Summary: pdf
Video: mp4
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