SC20 Proceedings

The International Conference for High Performance Computing, Networking, Storage, and Analysis

Scientific Visualization of Antarctica Ice Sheet and Southern Ocean Evolution

Authors: John Patchett (Los Alamos National Laboratory); Francesca Samsel (Texas Advanced Computing Center (TACC)); Kieran Ringel (Montana State University); Gregory D. Abram (Texas Advanced Computing Center (TACC)); Nathan Woods (Los Alamos National Laboratory); Dan Lipsa (Kitware Inc); and Matthew J. Hoffman, Stephen F. Price, Mark R. Petersen, Tong Zhang, and Xylar Storm Asay-Davis (Los Alamos National Laboratory)

Abstract: High-quality visualizations of climate simulations are a critical tool for providing scientific insight and for communication with stakeholders, policy makers and the public. Here we present results from the cryosphere-ocean visualization project, which brings together experts in scientific visualization with domain scientists in climate, ocean and land ice modeling. We study Antarctic ice sheet and Southern Ocean simulations conducted with the MPAS-Albany Land Ice and MPAS-Ocean models in the context of ongoing development towards coupled Antarctic ice sheet simulations with the U.S. Department of Energy's Energy Exascale Earth System (E3SM) model. We primarily use ParaView for visualization and ParaView and python for data manipulation and analysis. This document accompanies the similarly named Scientific Visualization and Data Analytics Showcase Entry video for SC20.

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