SC20 Proceedings

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  1. The Diurnal Beating of the Amazonian Hydroclimate. David Bock (National Center for Supercomputing Applications (NCSA)), Francina Dominguez and Jorge Eiras-Barca (University of Illinois), and Zhao Yang (Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL))

  2. DYAMOND++: A High Resolution Climate Model Setup. Niklas Röber, Michael Böttinger, and Florian Ziemen (German Climate Computing Center); Monika Esch, Cathy Hohenegger, Rene Redler, and Bjorn Stevens (Max Planck Institute for Meteorology); Thorsten Mauritsen (Stockholm University); Michael Migliore (Kitware Inc); and Carson Brownlee, Johannes Günther, Greg Johnson, and Jim Jeffers (Intel Corporation)

  3. Impactful Visualizations. Brad Carvey (Sandia National Laboratories, DrumFire) and Chris Garasi and Mark Bolstad (Sandia National Laboratories)

  4. Scientific Visualization of Antarctica Ice Sheet and Southern Ocean Evolution. John Patchett (Los Alamos National Laboratory); Francesca Samsel (Texas Advanced Computing Center (TACC)); Kieran Ringel (Montana State University); Gregory D. Abram (Texas Advanced Computing Center (TACC)); Nathan Woods (Los Alamos National Laboratory); Dan Lipsa (Kitware Inc); and Matthew J. Hoffman, Stephen F. Price, Mark R. Petersen, Tong Zhang, and Xylar Storm Asay-Davis (Los Alamos National Laboratory)

  5. Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics Modeling of a Jet Penetration Experiment. Kevin S. Griffin, Karen M. Wang, Eric Brugger, Cyrus Harrison, Thomas Rehagen, and Matthew Larsen (Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory)

  6. Visualization of Flow of Circulating Tumor Cells and Blood Cell Suspensions in Microfluidics. Joseph A. Insley (Argonne National Laboratory (ANL), Northern Illinois University); Michael Hood and Jifu Tan (Northern Illinois University); and Silvio Rizzi, Janet Knowles, and Michael Papka (Argonne National Laboratory (ANL))

  7. Visualizing Usage on HPC Systems. Andrew Solis, Gregory Foss, Matias Frogoso, and Paul Navrátil (Texas Advanced Computing Center (TACC))

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