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Rosa M. Badia is the manager of the Workflows and Distributed Computing research group at the Barcelona Supercomputing Center. She is also a lecturer at the Technical University of Catalonia. Her current research interest are programming models for complex platforms (from edge, fog, to Clouds and large HPC systems). The group has been developing StarSs programming model for more than 10 years. Currently the group focuses its efforts in PyCOMPSs/COMPSs, an instance of the programming model for distributed computing, and its application to the development of large heterogeneous workflows that combine HPC, Big Data and Machine Learning. Dr Badia has published near 200 papers in international conferences and journals in the topics of her research. She has been very active in projects funded by the European Commission, and in contracts with industry (Fujitsu, IBM and Intel). She has been actively contributing to the BDEC international initiative.
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