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Brad Carvey started his career as an electrical engineer. He won a 1992 Primetime Emmy "Outstanding Achievement in Engineering", for the development of the "Video Toaster". He used the Video Toaster to create one of the world's first "Boutique" visual effects studio. His pioneering work in VFX and 3d graphics for TV and Film, were seen in the opening sequence to "Men In Black" and "Michael Jackson's "HIStory" video and many other projects. He won an ADDY award for an animated fruit commercial.
For the last 20 years he has gradually directed his focus from feature film work to animation HPC simulations. His aluminum ball impacting an aluminum block, was accepted into the first SC Visualization Showcase. He his visualizations of the Chelyabinsk meteor were used on a Nature and a Physics today cover.
He created the CARVR Idea Lab at Sandia National Labs to showcase AR/VR visualization.
Scientific Visualization & Data Analytics Showcase
Big Data
Data Analytics, Compression, and Management
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