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Souradip is a 4th year undergraduate pursuing a bachelor’s degree in computer science at Northwestern University. At his time at Northwestern, he has primarily focused his studies on computer systems and worked as an undergraduate researcher and peer mentor at NU’s Department of Computer Science. Souradip’s research interests lie in compilers, operating systems, and new technologies at the intersection of different layers of the computer systems stack. As an undergraduate researcher, he has made contributions to long-term research projects at Northwestern such as the Interweaving Project, the Nautilus Aerokernel, Noelle, and TimeSqueezer. and the He is also an active member of several research groups including the NU Compilers Group, NU’s Prescience Lab, the NU Parallelism Group, and the NU TimeSqueezing Group. Souradip plans to pursue a PhD in computer science after graduation. More information at
Compilers Analysis and Optimization
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