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Paul Carpenter is a Senior Researcher at Barcelona Supercomputing Center. He graduated from the University of Cambridge in 1997 and received his PhD from the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya in 2011. He is PI of the ExaNoDe and EuroEXA projects, Software Technical Manager of the EuroEXA project, and co-chair of the ETP4HPC Working Group on programming models. Prior to starting his PhD, he was Senior Software Engineer at ARM in Cambridge, UK, where he was technical lead for audio/video codec development and part of the small team that designed the ARM Advanced SIMD (NEON) vector ISA. He is first author on three international granted patents. His research interests include programming models, system software and energy-efficient architectures.
Machine Learning, Deep Learning and Artificial Intelligence
Requirements, Performance, and Benchmarks
Reliability and Resiliency
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