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Ronald P. Luijten, senior IEEE member, is the initiator and was senior technical project leader of the DOME hot-water cooled microDataCenter project. In 2019 Ronald was on sabbatical at ETH Zurich architecting a non-Von-Neumann weather/climate code accelerator (Cloudchaser) and his personal research interests are in data-center architecture, design and performance (‘Data Motion in Data Centers’). He holds more than 35 issued patents, and has co-organized 7 IEEE conferences. Over 35 years, IBM has awarded Ronald with three outstanding technical achievement awards and a corporate patent award. He worked on various communication technologies, packet switching and network performance (WAN and ICT).

On 28 Feb 2020, Ronald retired from the Zurich IBM Research Laboratory in Switzerland. He is pursuing building the Cloudchaser accelerator thru his new company.
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