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Shahzeb Siddiqui is a HPC Consultant/Software Integration Specialist at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory/NERSC. He spend 50% of time on Consulting Support and the the rest of his time is dedicated to Exascale Computing Project (ECP). Shahzeb is part of the Software Deployment (SD) group where he is responsible for building Spack E4S CI pipeline for NERSC.

Shahzeb has experience installing and managing HPC software stack using spack and easybuild. He was responsible for installing and supporting HPC Software Stack for three different clusters at Pfizer. Shahzeb was responsible for initial development of easybuild-singularity container support. He is the creator of open-source project buildtest which is an HPC Testing Framework.

Shahzeb received his M.S in Computer Science from KAUST and B.S in Computer Engineer from Penn State University.
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