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Thomas Sterling
Thomas Sterling was an original panelist. He is a Professor of Intelligent Systems Engineering at the IU serving as the Director of the AI Computing Systems Laboratory at IU. Since receiving his Ph.D from MIT in 1984 as a Hertz Fellow, Thomas Sterling has engaged in applied research in parallel computing system structures, semantics, and operation in industry, government labs, and academia. Sterling is best known as the "father of Beowulf" for his pioneering research in commodity/Linux cluster computing for which he shared the Gordon Bell Prize in 1997. His current research is associated with innovative extreme scale computing with non von Neumann concepts using active memory architecture. He is the co-author of seven books and holds six patents. Sterling was the recipient of the 2013 Vanguard Award and is a Fellow of the AAAS. Most recently, he co-authored the introductory textbook, “High Performance Computing”, published by Morgan-Kaufmann in 2017.
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