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Bruce is Director of the Advanced Computing Group and the Henry R. and Grace V. Butler Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering at the University of Maine. His research is focused in high performance computing and visualization, instrumentation, industrial automation, computer control of machinery, data acquisition and data mining. His work in distributed processing on the factory floor led him to cluster supercomputing. He interacts routinely with K-12, undergraduate, and graduate students. He helped organize and run the annual M-STEM conferences since 2007. These have been attended by thousands of Maine K-12 students and teachers. He has recently received a $1.2M NSF award to promote the use of inquiry-based learning through the use of supercomputer climate modeling, laptop computers, and in-classroom visualization using multiple laptops to create a tiled visualization wall. Other recent funding has been targeted to improving Maine’s cyberinfrastructure for research, education, and economic development.
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