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Carlos Simmerling
Dr. Carlos Simmerling obtained his bachelor’s degree and PhD in chemistry at the University of Illinois at Chicago, performing early research on methods for computer modeling of biomolecules such as proteins. He went on to a post-doctoral fellowship in pharmaceutical chemistry at the University of California, San Francisco, where he became a lead developer of the Amber biomolecular simulation software that is used in thousands of research labs worldwide. In 1998, Dr. Simmerling joined the chemistry department at Stony Brook University, where he is currently a professor, and he became the Associate Director of SBU’s Laufer Center for Physical & Quantitative Biology. His research is funded by the USA’s National Institutes of Health, National Science Foundation, and Department of Energy. His work focuses on development of improved molecular simulation methods and models and using these tools to study biomolecular recognition mechanisms. His articles on improving the physics underlying biomolecular modeling have been cited nearly 10,000 times. Prof. Simmerling is currently the Marsha Laufer Chair of Physical & Quantitative Biology at Stony Brook University and a Fellow of the American Chemical Society.
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