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Oscar Hernandez is a senior staff member of the Programming Systems research group which supports the programming environment for the Oak Ridge Leadership Computing Facility (OLCF) systems. He represents ORNL in many specification organizations such as OpenACC and OpenMP, has represented ORNL in SPEC/HPG and OpenSHMEM initiatives and helped to start the OpenUCX project. He is currently part of the SOLLVE ECP team and is the application liaison for the project. At ORNL he works closely with application teams including the CAAR and INCITE efforts and constantly interacts with them to address their programming model and tools needs via HPC software ecosystems. He is currently working on the programming environment for Summit and Frontier and works closely with the vendors to track the evolution of the next-generation programming models. He has worked on many projects funded by DOE, DoD, NSF, and Industrial Partners in the Oil & Gas industry.
ACM Gordon Bell COVID Finalist
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