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Lorenzo Casalino is a postdoctoral research scholar under the supervision of Prof. Rommie Amaro at University of California San Diego, where he is currently working on SARS-CoV-2 and influenza viruses using computer simulations. Lorenzo received his M.Sc. in 2013 in Pharmaceutical Chemistry and Technologies at University of Milan (Italy), and he earned his Ph.D. in 2017 in Computational Biophysics at SISSA, Trieste (Italy), under the guidance of Dr. Alessandra Magistrato. During his Ph.D. he spent six months in the group of Prof. Ursula Rothlisberger at EPFL (Switzerland). Lorenzo is author of more than 15 publications and more than 10 covers on international scientific journals, with his recent work being featured in the New York Times, Forbes and Scientific American.
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