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Vassil Alexandrov is the Chief Science Officer of Hartree Centre, STFC since March 2019. He holds an MSc degree in Applied Mathematics, Moscow State University, Russia (1984), a PhD degree in Parallel Computing, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences (1995). He has held previous positions as ICREA Research Professor in Computational Science at BSC (2010-2019), The University of Reading, UK (1999-2010), as a Professor of Computational Science and the Director of the ACET Centre. His expertise and research interests are in the area of Computational Science encompassing Parallel and High Performance Computing, Scalable Algorithms for advanced Computer Architectures, Monte Carlo methods and algorithms. He has published over 130 papers in refereed journals and international conferences and workshops in the area of his research expertise. He has successfully organized ScalA at SC10,SC11, SC12, SC13, SC14, SC15, SC16, SC17, SC18, SC19 as well as ICCS2013 (International Conference in Computational Science, 500+ participants).
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