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Edward Dahl
Dr. Edward (Denny) Dahl is Director of Quantum Applications at ColdQuanta. He works with software vendors and end users to map problems to quantum computing platforms. Previously he developed quantum applications at D-Wave Systems. His experience includes the application of massively parallel computation, neural networks, distributed data flow computation models and quantum computing. Dr. Dahl holds two patents in computer science & algorithms.

Denny received his Ph.D. in theoretical physics from Stanford University. His thesis work at SLAC centered on Hamiltonian methods in lattice gauge theories. As a post-doc at LLNL he applied Hopfield networks to optimization problems and developed acceleration techniques for stochastic gradient descent. Additionally, Dr. Dahl is a guest scientist at Los Alamos National Laboratory. He has taught many training courses in quantum annealing at universities, government labs and commercial entities. His most recent publications describe using quantum annealers to simulate spin ice and spin liquid.
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