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Robert Settlage
Robert Settlage
Computational and Data Scientist

Dr. Robert Settlage joined ARC as a Computational Scientist in March 2016. He obtained his PhD in Chemistry from the University of Virginia in 1999 and a MS in Statistics from Virginia Tech in 2018.
Dr. Settlage’s career has taken him in an out of Industry and Academia. He has worked in companies as large as Merck where he led an Automation Lab and Proteomics Informatics efforts and companies as small as 5 person startups.

His research interests lie in all aspects of data analysis from visualization of the data to improving the compute performance. Most recently, he is co-PI in a grant to improve access and utilization of HPC resources through a combination of Open OnDemand and XDMoD. These tools both improve HPC access through familiar browser based tools and bring job performance metrics straight to users for code review.
Cloud and Distributed Computing
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