SC20 Is Everywhere We Are

Virtual Event FAQ
The original panel organizer, Bill Kramer is PI and Project Director of the Blue Waters Leadership Computing Project at the NCSA and previously was General Manager of the NERSC Center and Branch Chief at NASA's Ames NAS facility. Kramer’s major activities are deploying and operating extreme-scale computational systems, data systems, best of class facilities and leading intense, high visibility projects. He deployed and managed the world’s first production UNIX supercomputer and some of the first production quality massively parallel system as well as large clusters of workstations, five extremely large data repositories, some of the world’s most intense networks, and other extreme scale systems. He has been involved with the design, creation and commissioning of six “best of class” HPC facilities. He has also established major research effort in safe and flexibility air space control, systems security and resiliency. He is a CS Full Research Professor at Illinois.
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