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Dr Manhui Wang received his PhD degree in Computational Chemistry from Institute of Chemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences (ICCAS). Then he joined Cardiff University to develop and maintain a large-scale quantum chemistry package Molpro, and to develop the MPI/OpenMP hybrid parallel model for finite element geoenvironmental engineering software COMPASS (COde for Modelling PArtially Saturated Soils). Currently, he serves as a Senior Research Computing Specialist in Advanced Research Computing team at the University of Liverpool to develop and manage advanced research computing (including high-performance computing and cloud computing) platforms. He is the key developer and first author of open source library PPIDD (Parallel Programming Interface for Distributed Data with Multiple Helper Servers), and one of developers and authors of a large-scale quantum chemistry package Molpro (see His papers and software have been cited over 2900 times (Google Scholar, 30 September 2020).
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