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Chisachi Kato
Dr. Chisachi Kato is a professor of mechanical engineering and a director of Center for Research on Innovative Simulation Software (CISS) at the University Tokyo. He specializes fluid mechanics/engineering, computational and experimental fluid dynamics/aeroacoustics, turbomachinery, automobile engineering, and ship hydrodynamics. Upon graduation from the University of Tokyo in 1984, Dr. Kato joined, and worked as a research engineer for about 15 years, at the Mechanical Engineering Research Laboratory of Hitachi, Ltd. In 1995, he was conferred his doctoral degree in engineering from the University of Tokyo. In January 1999, Dr. Kato moved to the Institute of Industrial Science (IIS), the University of Tokyo and was appointed as a professor in January 2003. Dr. Kato has been consecutively led many government-funded projects, aimed at development and diffusion of large-scale application software for use in the related industries, which has resulted in more than 110,000 downloads of the developed software.
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