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Dr. Kowalski is an expert in advancing electronic structure methods and parallel algorithms for many-body methods, and applying these formalisms to tackle complex chemical processes. He is recognized for several important contributions he made in the area of coupled cluster (CC) theory including renormalized CC theories, multi-reference formulations, and linear response methods. An important part of his research portfolio is associated with the development of scalable implementations of many-body formulations describing correlated behavior of electrons in molecular systems. In particular, he has developed implementations of quantum chemical methods capable of taking advantage of hundreds of thousands of processors with the concurrent utilization of various types of accelerators. Also, Dr.Kowalski is an author of new CC Green’s function formulations used in high-accuracy characterization of ionization and transport processes in molecules. Currently, Dr. Kowalski is leading BES Quantum Information Science project focused on enabling quantum computing for realistic chemical systems and processes.
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