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Matt Vaughn is a successful biologist and technologist with 15 years’ experience in national-scale research computing systems. He leads three technology projects: CyVerse (extensible life science cyberinfrastructure); Jetstream (petascale OpenStack cloud); and Abaco (serverless research computing). He co-leads the DARPA Synergistic Discovery and Design (SD2) program, which develops data-driven methods to accelerate scientific discovery and robust design in domains that lack complete models. Vaughn earned a Ph.D. in Physiological and Molecular Plant Biology in 2001 from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, where he worked on photosynthetic carbon metabolism. After a postdoctoral fellowship in Genetics at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory working in genetic regulation and small RNA biology, he joined its research faculty in 2007 and co-created the CyVerse project. In 2010, he joined Texas Advanced Computing Center where he now serves as its Director of Life Sciences Computing.
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