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Seth Caliga
Seth Caliga, joined ColdQuanta as a Quantum Matter Research Scientist in January 2020 from SRI International, in Princeton, NJ, where he was a member of a close-knit, multi-disciplinary team performing contract R&D work to develop novel atomic devices. Seth received his Ph.D. in Physics, from University of Colorado, Boulder, with a focus on Atomic, molecular, and optical physics. He worked as a research assistant at JILA from 2008 -2016, a member of the American Physics Society, has collaborated on several publications and has a patent pending on Atom Chip for Ultracold Atom Preparation and Loading into an Integrated Optical Waveguide Evan-e-scent Field Trap. He is the lead researcher developing a quantum matter system at ColdQuanta which offers cloud access giving users the opportunity to experiment with Bose Einstein Condensates from their own device.
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