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Simone Campanoni
Simone is a tenure-track assistant professor at the Computer Science department of Northwestern University. Simone's main research area is compilers, with special interest in its relation with computer architecture, runtime systems, operating systems, and programming languages. In more detail, Simone is passionate about understanding how the abstractions around and within compilers need to evolve for the post-Moore’s Law Era. This goal often leads to vertical specialization of the hardware/software stack. Simone received his Ph.D. degree with highest honors from Politecnico di Milano University in 2010. His dissertation discusses theoretical and practical performance implications of thread level parallelism. Simone started the HELIX research project at Harvard University as a postdoc working with Profs. David Brooks and Gu-Yeon Wei. HELIX uses static and dynamic compilation, run-time optimization, and architecture specialization to extract coarse-grained parallelism for many-core architectures from complex "sequential" code. More information at
Compilers Analysis and Optimization
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