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Charles M. Macal is Distinguished Fellow, Senior Systems Engineer and Group Leader for Social & Behavioral Systems at Argonne National Laboratory. He applies computational modeling and simulation tools to complex systems to solve problems in a variety of fields, including energy, infectious diseases and emergency preparedness. He is the chief scientist for the Decision and Infrastructure Sciences Division, and is a principal investigator for the development of the widely used Repast agent-based modeling toolkit. He has appointments at the University of Chicago Consortium for Advanced Science and Engineering and the Northwestern-Argonne Institute for Science and Engineering. He is a registered professional engineer in the State of Illinois. He holds a B.S. and M.S. from Purdue University, and a Ph.D. from Northwestern University. He is a Senior Member of IEEE, ACM, and the Society for Computer Simulation, and serves on the editorial boards of several professional journals.
ACM Gordon Bell COVID Finalist
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