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Dalia A. Conde is the Director of Science at Species360 (a leading data-driven conservation NGO) and Associate Professor at the University of Southern Denmark. Prof. Conde completed a Ph.D. in Ecology at Duke University before launching the Conservation Demography section at the world-renowned Max Planck Institute for Demographic Research. Dalia’s worked on different species management programs such as the reintroduction of pronghorn antelopes in Mexico and did her Ph.D. studying Jaguars in the Mayan rainforest. Her extensive fieldwork in Latin America and Africa, exposed to the lack of data essential to save species from extinction, that lead her to join Species360. Her work has been published in Science and PNAS, and Spiegel, Le Monde, and National Geographic have reported on her efforts to save species from extinction. Passionate about the power of open data and high-performance computing, Dalia leads the new Species Knowledge Index Initiative and collaborates with a broad network of scientists, zoos, aquariums, conservation organizations, artists, and policymakers to revolutionize evidence-based animal welfare and conservation globally.
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