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Andreas Wicenec is Principal Senior Research Fellow at the University of Western Australia since 2010, and director of the Data Intensive Astronomy Program of the International Centre for Radio Astronomy Research designing and implementing data flows and high performance scientific computing for large scale astronomical facilities and surveys. During his early career he was involved in the software development and reduction of photometric and astrometric Tycho data from the ESA Hipparcos satellite. He joined the European Southern Observatory in 1997 as an archive specialist and was involved in the final implementation of the archive for ESO's Very Large Telescope (VLT) and then became ESO's Archive Scientist and led the ALMA archive subsystem development group. His scientific interests and publications include high precision global astrometry, optical background radiation, stellar photometry, dynamics and evolution of planetary nebulae and observational survey astronomy as well as the related scheduling, computational and data management challenges.
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