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ADELUS: A Performance-Portable Dense LU Solver for Distributed-Memory Hardware-Accelerated Systems
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TimeFriday, 13 November 202011am - 11:25am EDT
LocationTrack 10
DescriptionSolving dense systems of linear equations is essential in applications encountered in physics, mathematics and engineering. This paper describes our current efforts toward the development of the ADELUS package for current and next generation distributed, accelerator-based high-performance computing platforms. The package solves dense linear systems using partial pivoting LU factorization on distributed-memory systems with CPUs/GPUs. The matrix is block-mapped onto distributed memory on CPUs/GPUs and is solved as if it were torus-wrapped for an optimal balance of computation and communication. A permutation operation is performed to restore the results so the torus-wrap distribution is transparent to the user. This package targets performance portability by leveraging the abstractions provided in the Kokkos and Kokkos Kernels libraries. Comparison of the performance gains versus the state-of-the-art SLATE and DPLASMA GESV functionalities on the Summit supercomputer are provided. Preliminary performance results from large-scale electromagnetic simulations using ADELUS are also presented. The solver achieves 7.7 petaflops on 7600 GPUs of the Sierra supercomputer, translating to 16.9% efficiency.
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