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Archival Data Repository Services to Enable HPC and Cloud Workflows in a Federated Research e-Infrastructure
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Big Data
Cloud and Distributed Computing
Extreme Scale Computing
Scientific Computing
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TimeWednesday, 11 November 20201:20pm - 1:40pm EDT
LocationTrack 10
DescriptionFive European supercomputing centres, namely BSC (Spain), CEA (France), CINECA (Italy), CSCS (Switzerland), and JSC (Germany), agreed to align their high-end computing and storage services to facilitate the creation of the Fenix Research Infrastructure. In addition to the traditional extreme-scale computing and data services, Fenix provides a set of Cloud-type services as well as services needed for federation. In this paper, we describe the architecture of the Fenix infrastructure and how it can be used for representative workflows from the Human Brain Project (HBP). The concept of the archival data repository is chosen to highlight demarcation between HPC and cloud access models. We will discuss some of the challenges that remain in integrating the different services at HPC data centres.
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