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TaskTorrent: A Lightweight Distributed Task-Based Runtime System in C++
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TimeThursday, 12 November 20203:45pm - 4:10pm EDT
LocationTrack 10
DescriptionWe present TaskTorrent, a lightweight distributed task-based runtime in C++. TaskTorrent uses a parametrized task graph to express the task DAG, and one-sided active messages to trigger remote tasks asynchronously. As a result, the task DAG is completely distributed and discovered in parallel. It is a C++14 library and only depends on MPI. We explain the API and the implementation. We perform a series of benchmarks against StarPU and ScaLAPACK. Micro benchmarks show it has a minimal overhead compared to other solutions. We then apply it to two large linear algebra problems. TaskTorrent scales very well to thousands of cores, exhibiting good weak and strong scalings.
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