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Chimbuko: A Workflow-Level Scalable Performance Trace Analysis Tool
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TimeThursday, 12 November 202011am - 11:25am EDT
LocationTrack 7
DescriptionDue to the sheer volume of data, it is typically impractical to analyze the detailed performance of an HPC application running at-scale. While conventional small-scale benchmarking and scaling studies are often sufficient for simple applications, many modern workflow-based applications couple multiple elements with competing resource demands and complex inter-communication patterns for which performance cannot easily be studied in isolation and at small scale. This work discusses Chimbuko, a performance analysis framework that provides real-time, in situ anomaly detection. By focusing specifically on performance anomalies and their origin (a.k.a provenance), data volumes are dramatically reduced without losing necessary details. To the best of our knowledge, Chimbuko is the first online, distributed and scalable workflow-level performance trace analysis framework. We demonstrate the tool's usefulness on Oak Ridge National Laboratory's Summit system.
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