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Supporting Irregularity in Throughput-Oriented Computing by SIMT-SIMD Integration
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TimeWednesday, 11 November 202012pm - 12:10pm EDT
LocationTrack 4
DescriptionThe last two decades have seen continued exponential performance increases in HPC systems, well after the predicted end of Moore's Law for CPUs, largely due to the widespread adoption of throughput-oriented compute accelerators such as GPUs. When faced with irregular yet throughput-oriented applications, their simple, grid-based computing model turns into a serious limitation. Instead of repeatedly tackling the issues of irregularity on the application layer, we argue that a generalization of the CUDA model to irregular grids can be supported through minor modifications to already established throughput-oriented architectures.

To that end, we propose a unifying approach that combines techniques from both SIMD and MIMD approaches, but adheres to the SIMT principles -- based on an unlikely ally: a wide-SIMD vector architecture. We extend CUDA's familiar programming model and implement SIMT-inspired strategies for dealing with data and control flow irregularities. Our approach requires only minimal hardware changes and an additional compiler phase. Using a model-based software simulation, we demonstrate that the proposed system can be a first step towards native support for irregularity on throughput-oriented processors while greatly simplifying the development of irregular applications.
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