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Extending as an Online Self-Learning Platform for Compiler Development
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Education, Training and Outreach
HPC Training and Education
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TimeFriday, 13 November 202010:35am - 11am EDT
LocationTrack 5
DescriptionCompilers and compiler-based tools have become increasingly critical for optimizing high-performance computing workloads; however, compiler development remains difficult and time consuming due to the complex nature of compilers. is an online training framework for compiler development that allows users to complete hands-on tutorials with a Linux environment that is directly embedded in the web browser. It provides an effective and convenient training platform for both new and experienced compiler developers. In this paper, we present our enhancements to the framework to support self-evaluation and learning outcome feedback for trainees. We extend FreeCompilerCamp to support a fully contained self-learning environment with exercises and examinations providing immediate and automatic feedback via server-side grading. We achieve this through two forms of evaluation: open-book practicals and closed-book exams. To facilitate learning, we design several new tutorials and improve the framework to support both CPU and GPU servers and docker images, optimize resource utilization, and enhance usability. Our extended platform, FreeCompilerCamp v1.1, follows the same extensibility design goals as the original to allow for new practicals and exams, providing an effective method to reduce the barrier of entry to compiler development.
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