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EduWRENCH: Simulation-Driven Pedagogic Modules
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Education, Training and Outreach
HPC Training and Education
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TimeFriday, 13 November 20204:05pm - 4:20pm EDT
LocationTrack 5
DescriptionIn this talk, we describe recent work realized in the context of the EduWRENCH project, which develops pedagogic modules that target Parallel and Distributed Computing (PDC) and High Performance Computing (HPC) learning objectives. These modules can be integrated piecemeal into existing university courses, have few prerequisites, and are ready-to-use in the browser. Although no programming knowledge is required, students can achieve many of the learning objectives in a hands-on manner. This is because simulation-driven activities are integrated into the pedagogic narrative. Specifically, after being introduced to a new concept, students can use simulation to test their basic understanding of the concept, to experience first-hand the relationship with previously learned concepts, and/or to explore these concepts by running experiments independently.

In this talk, we first articulate two kinds of motivations for simulation-driven PDC and HPC education: increased participation and better pedagogy. We detail the design principles and the implementation of the EduWRENCH pedagogic modules, and provide an overview of currently publicly available modules that are ready for use. We then focus on one particular module so as to provide a concrete example of the EduWRENCH pedagogic content and outline ways in this content can be integrated into university courses. We conclude with a discussion of previous and upcoming in-class uses of some of the modules, of the lessons learned in the process, and of plans for upcoming modules.
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